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United Nations Sustainable Development goals

How can we nurture Netherlands youth Hope reconstruction may come from understanding why youth suicide increases htt​ps:// 

(*) Level 0 and effective 5 levels for Project Management Demystifying the 5 Phases of Project Management | Smartsheet

YIHA is all supporting to help one-another look forward to a great ideal future certainly with the International Association of Suicide Prevention    and   file:///Users/francoisdorleansmobileMBP/Downloads/ad454449.pdf 

Discover the Chin refugees from Myanmar

Board member charity run 2017

White pages - Livre Blanc

Dragon boat history

Van der Meer Administratiekantoor B.V. - Local accounting expert supporting Sti​chting YIHA

NASA climate effect on sea level

ESA sea level

ESA modelling Netherlands ocean rise

(**) ANBI Public Interest organisation Publicatieverplichting -

Anti-Corruption Ethics and Compliance Handbook for Business

Netherlands bureau for Transparency International

Example of Canadian Engineer Ethics

Stichting "The Hague Kermesse Francophone" Actualités - Site de kermessefrancophone-nl !

International Dragon Boat Federation IDBF

International School of Kuala Lumpur hosting the YIHA founders owned (12T) Dragon Boat equipment